Greg Pettet – Founder

Livinghistory (30 of 59).jpgI am the founder of Emergency Management Professionals, LLC. For those who are familiar with the Preparedness Community, I am Regulator5 on the internet preparedness sites.

I am an avid outdoorsman, US Army Reserve Veteran with a tour in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, a former youth member of the Civil Air Patrol and participated in Boy Scouts. I grew up in and spent my early adulthood in construction as a career.  While enlisted, I used the Army’s resources to further my education in several fields of study. My experiences in both the military and civilian sectors, combined with witnessing severe storms with preventable deaths and disastrous aftermaths, has pushed me to learn more about disaster preparedness and assist people in becoming prepared to overcome these tragedies.


Leslye Gholson – Co Founder


Hello, my name is Leslye Gholson, co-founder of EMP LCC. Some may know me as NavyVet77. I grew up in Western Kentucky and spent my younger years participating in the Boy Scouts and the FFA. Later I joined the US Navy (USS Kearsarge LHD3) serving 4 years with deployments in ’97 and ’99. Later teaming up with Greg to begin the journey of self-reliance education and natural disaster preparation.